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Our Service Network

Customer Service is at the heart of IMV’s operations and a dedication to Customer Service is of utmost importance to everything that IMV does. To support its European operations, IMV keeps a full set of spare parts at its European headquarters in UK for every system sold and can deliver a spare part to any of its European Customers within 24 hours.

IMV works with highly trained Service partners throughout Europe and has fully trained more than 20 Service Engineers at its factory in Osaka, Japan. This enables IMV to fully and immediately support any Customer issue in all European countries.

IMV’s Gold Service Partners

1g dynamics UK

Based in the UK 1g-UK employs more than 15 trained Service Engineers with experience of vibration test equipment from all major manufacturers. In addition, 1g-UK rewinds armature coils and field coils to an exceptional standard and can supply spare parts for most vibration test equipment to the original manufactures’ specification.

1g dynamics Germany

Based in Germany and employing some of the most experienced Service Engineers in the industry, 1g-DE can support vibration test equipment from all major manufacturers.

1g dynamics Brazil

Based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1g-Br employs highly experienced service engineers and offers calibration services.