black IMV enhance their “ECO” Product range to increase the Shock capabilities of Vibration Systems
IMV Corporation

IMV enhance their “ECO” Product range to increase the Shock capabilities of Vibration Systems


This new High Velocity Shock Module has been designed following requests from IMV’s customers to offer greater capability when testing at high G Shock Levels. The High Velocity shock option allows the customer to program the Vibration controller with the test required and the ISM software will automatically calculate and set the correct operating parameters for the shaker. There is no requirement for the user to make any hardware changes such as changing transformer tapings or adjusting the Vibrators DC field supply. In fact the system offers the distinct advantage of not requiring a matching transformer and being direct-coupled achieves significantly better shock waveform accuracy and displacement.

John Good fellow (Director of IMV) commented, we have seen a dramatic increase from our customers throughout the world in shock testing over the last twelve months; it was clear from their feedback that the current method of performing high level shock tests by other vibration system manufacturers involved in-depth liaison with technical support teams and significant hardware changes. In many cases this could only be performed by a site visit from a Service Technician.

IMV developed the ISM software to monitor and control many of the shaker system parameters. This information is displayed through an intuitive but simple user interface. The addition of the High Velocity Shock option was a natural progression to this software package; IMV will continue to develop our Vibration Test Systems with future capabilities for the challenging test scenarios that our customers will face in the future.