IMV Corporation

IMV complete successful “ECO” Amplifier Upgrade for a leading European Test House


The upgrade consisted of supplying two off Amplifiers to be matched to existing LDS Vibration Systems.

Commenting on the successful upgrade John Goodfellow added “ IMV has already supplied one of our “ECO” Vibration Test Systems to this important client and following an analysis of the electricity savings and CO2 emission reductions the customer decided to start to upgrade his facility with our ECO-amplifier technology.

IMV has four Test Houses (three of which are in Japan) and therefore has experience in running Vibration Test Systems in a Test house environment. IMV understands the benefits to this customer of investing in this upgrade were considerable”

John continued ‘’The Test house market is known to be competitive in Europe with many facilities already established , the key for our client was to make savings for his facility and to analyse the running costs for each test and where necessary adjust the charges to their clients.

These accurate costs are saved and displayed at the end of each test , the ECO technology thus enables our client to be able to submit accurate costs when bidding for Test programs.

Due to the increase in testing products and systems for the hybrid car Industry it was also important that accurate data of CO2 emissions per test were available, thus enabling customers to present this data as part of their CO2 reduction programs.