black 3-axis shaker system arrived in Munich
IMV Corporation

3-axis shaker system arrived in Munich


Japanese innovation arrives in Munich: At the end of May an 18-ton 3-axis shaker was delivered to the north of Munich. A  27 tonne crane lifted the system in to its final position. The system started from being manufactured in Japan and then transported by ship to Hamburg, then moved by special truck to the south of Germany.  IMV has opened a showroom by taking a brand new lab space at Bertrandt Ingenieurbüro GmbH where the shaker system has been installed and is now in operation. In the middle of June the “Automotive Testing Expo” was held in Stuttgart and the 3-axis system is demonstrated via live video link. IMV employee Florian Schmid was on hand in Munich to run the system and perform demonstrations for visitors to the fair via webcam and show the benefits of this ultra-modern test system. The 3-axis shaker will be able to test with simultaneous excitation across all 3 axes up to 2,000 Hz.

The 3-D shaker combines three Vibration electrodynamic shakers. The shakers are assembled at right angles to each other and interconnected by a vibrating table and highly accurate and sophisticated bearing assembly. In this arrangement, a very precise excitation (uniform movement) is reproduced in three axes. The special feature is that you can perform simultaneous tests to a very high frequency range (2kHz). With hydraulic excitation, only lower test frequencies can be achieved; typically to 150 Hz.  For most components, the test frequency is up to 500 Hz and above and recent trends in vibration testing have seen this required test frequency increasing further.  Simultaneous 3-axis electrodynamic vibration test systems have been established for many years in support of Japanese industry and are now here to provide the same level of high level technological support for the European market. (8.6.15)